About Us

 You remember …
          … tiny fists full of wildflowers,

          … waving wildly at sailboats,

          … the bobbing blink of fireflies!

You asked repeatedly for …
          … a ride on the carousel,

          … stories of unicorns,

          … cowgirl boots with your best church dress.

You wanted to own …
          … a horse with long eyelashes,

          … a well mannered peacock,

          … a kitty named Casey.

You always loved…
          … pastels with character,

          … tiny points of lace,

          … sleeves like little wings.

Petticoat Patch celebrates the thrill of being a little girl, feminine and bursting with personality.

Details charm us: a bow, a ruffle, a flutter sleeve, a headband, a hemline ringed with
lace. We choose our fabrics and patterns with longevity in mind. A sister, a cousin, a
best friend may someday wear the pieces that charm us most.

Let Petticoat Patch dress your little girl in meticulously handmade clothes that celebrate her age and sweetness.

She’ll remember.